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120mm Handle Triple Roller Mill

120mm Handle Triple Roller Mill

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120mm handle Triple Roller Mill


It takes the axis to mount the bearings of both side as a benchmark, the variation of ceramics overall size. Roller is produced via processing technic, roller's straightness closes to the level of physically absolute straight line. At the micro-scale, the condition of material's microscopic particle on the solid material's processing surface closes to the level of theoretically absolute level condition (thinner the dimension, littler the drop, higher the planeness).


Product Specification


Diameter of Roller


Length of Roller


Roller Speed Ratio


Power Configuration

Servo motor, Stable operation, Convenient and safe


3.0KW, 220V 50HZ



Roller Material ZrO2/ Al2O3/ SiC/ Si3N4, Nanoscale Ceramic Roller Roller Specification

Diameter: 120mm ; Length: 450mm


< 3 micron


< 0.3 micron

Ceramic Roll Spacing 5-160 Micron Ceramic Roll Speed 0-350RPM






Main Feature

1. Adjust the gap between two rolls by single handle, moment balance, easy to operate

2. Selection Configuration: The roller can be heated or cooled (Optional)

3. High precise (minimum 1μm, depend on materials)

4. Easy-cleaning roller

5. Hopper(optional)


Working Principle

The equipment consists of three rollers fixed on the frame and driven directly by the motor. The rotation direction between rollers is generally different, the front roller rotates forward while the rear roller rotates backword. The front roller of  the 120mm Triple Roller Mill mill operates at a higher speed than the rear roller, which moves at a slower pace.The middle roller is fixed, and the front and rear rollers are mounted on the slide with spring device. Adjust the distance between three roll62ers by adjusting the hand wheel. The material discharged from space between rear roller and middle roller, are squeezed by the rollers to obtain smaller particle size. Then the material are rolled out by the fast roll(Roll rotates at high speed). The scrapper at the end of the fast roller separate material from the roller and fall into the collection barrels. Since it produces a lot of heat in the grinding process, the center of each roller is hollow. Input water for cooling to ensure finished products with good quality.



Our three roll mill is widely used for printing ink & coating, new material, chemistry, pharmacy & medical treatment, electronic industry, food and cosmetic. Like paint, ceramic paste, resin, chocolate, lipstick and so on. Especially for high viscosity and good fineness products.

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