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BOLERO Lite - Volume & Frizz analysis

BOLERO Lite - Volume & Frizz analysis

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Hair swatches are not easy to analyze due to their composition from a multitude of individual fibers whose boundaries are not well defined. Light transmission analysis techniques are a solution to analyze hair swatches geometry and have been widely used in the cosmetic industry to address the needs regarding volume measurements and frizz analysis.

BOLERO Lite is an imaging system dedicated to quickly and efficiently discriminate fly-away/frizz frizz fibers from the bulk of hair swatches on a 2D image using light transmission variations to evaluate hair density. Its design ensure a portability, efficiency and precision in the measurements for an optimal user experience.

A user-friendly software allows the user to acquire the measurement in one click. A complete analysis of the hair swatch of the hair is delivered in seconds. Numerical data and images can be quickly compared and exported for reports, presentations or post processing.




Using uniform back-light illumination, we can measure the transmission of the light through the hair swatch with a standard black and white image of the sample. For each pixel of the image, we measure the light transmitted. 

If the transmission :

  • is inferior to a defined threshold, this corresponds to a high-density area and we can define the pixel as part of the bulk
  • is higher than the defined threshold, this is a low-density area and we can define the pixel as part of the fly-away / frizz

In BOLERO, we use a threshold of 50%.

Bolero Volume frizz hair care claims bulk fly-away full rotation transmission

Once this separation between the bulk and the frizz / fly-away fibers is done, we can compute the ratio between those 2 components composing the hair fiber, to determine the increase or decrease in frizz.

We can also look exclusively at the volume taken by the bulk and/or the frizz fibers to assess the efficiency behind a volumizing product.



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