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C+K Multi Skin Test Center MC 750

C+K Multi Skin Test Center MC 750

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Advantages of the MC 750

  • Start with only a few probes and enlarge your measurement centre with time.
  • Ideal tool for all who want to do a comprehensive skin analysis with software
  • Increase the sales of your products and treatments by giving an individual recommendation founded on all kind of measurements.
  • Recommend products for skin care, hair care, sun care or special products and treatments.
  • Ask for special transportation suitcases.


What can the device do?

The device allows you to create your own measurement system by selecting probes of your choice.

With the basic system you can:
  • Measure skin hydration.
  • Assess oil (sebum) content on skin and hair.


skin hydration measurement, easy and quick anywhere on face and body   sebum measurement within and outside the T-zone

Add other probes optionally to the system:

  • Measure skin’s elasticity (biological skin age) by suction (ability of the skin to resist/firmness versus its ability to return to the original position, displayed in %). Since the elasticity measurement needs a vacuum box inside the device to create the pressure, it must be ordered with the basic model and cannot be added later.
  • Assess skin pigmentation and redness (erythema), skin temperature, TEWL index (the quality of the skin barrier), pH-measurement, hair colour measurement (more probes in preparation).


melanin & redness measurement - skin colour   temperature and microcirculation               measuring the barrier quality of the skin (TEWL-Index)
pH measurement on the skin                      hair colour measurement

  • Visioscope® PC 35 USB skin camera with parallel and cross polarized light makes the system complete. The camera is a separate unit and goes directly to your computer via USB.


Visioscope® camera - skin images in detail show images of hair and scalp    Visioscope® camera in its holder

  • Special foils Sebufix® F 16 and Corneofix® F 20 in convenient dispensers are used with the camera to perform quantitative analysis of sebum production and desquamation (chart interprets the images visible on the monitor). The Sebufix® mounted on the Visioscope® camera shows the sebum production in real time on the monitor.


special foils Sebufix® and Corneofix®     put Sebufix® on camera
watch sebum gland activity in real time on the monitor      Corneofix® - View desquamation/scaliness with the Visioscope®

  • The sophisticated and attractive software Complete Skin Investigation CSI supports the device. It offers image analysis, skin type determination, sun care product recommendation and hair care consulting.


skin type determination        overview over the measurements      cosmetic recommendation
sun protection recommendation         hair care recommendation with questionaire and camera

  • The device can also be operated by the  software Dermacheck 3000 especially suitable for the aesthetic practice and institutes to do single measurements with probes and camera, dermatoscopy and laser/IPL treatment consulting. The software is modular and license based.


Software Dermacheck 3000             laser/IPL-treatment consultation by measuring pigmentation     document lesions over time
* Model A1 and A2 cannot be equipped with the elasticity measurement later on. 

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