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C+K Portable Hydration Scan

C+K Portable Hydration Scan

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Portable Hydration Scan

Battery-operated measurement of skin hydration, with built-in control buttons for the ambient conditions. The attractive interpretation diode panel shows the results: very dry, dry or sufficiently hydrated skin. The device measures also constantly the room temperature and relative air humidity and it can be set with the control buttons to adjust the skin hydration measurement results (e.g. with very high relative air humidity the same hydration value on the skin is interpreted lower).
  • Advantages of the Hydrosensor

    • Unique way of adapting the measurement of skin hydration to the current temperature and relative air humidity. Thus, it is an ideal tool for all geographical regions and climate zones.
    • Light, flexible and easy to handle
    • It can be used anywhere at the institute or counter to recommend skin care and hydration increasing products/treatments.



    • Hydrosensor forehead                                                      Moisture measurement hand white

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