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Frictiometer FR 700 - Assessing Skin Friction

Frictiometer FR 700 - Assessing Skin Friction

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Frictiometer FR 700 

Assessing Skin Friction

The Frictiometer FR 700 is a quick, easy and economical tool to measure the friction values on the skin and other surfaces for various applications.

Advantages of the Frictiometer

  • Constant pressure on the skin by the weight of the rotating disk.
  • Different velocities of rotation can be set.
  • The probe is especially sensitive and shows a broad scale of measuring results.
  • A notch on the measurement head allows the fixation of different materials on the probe head.
  • Measurement on different surfaces is possible (e.g. textiles, plastic, metal and many more).
  • It allows quick measurements as well as continuous measurements over a longer period.
  • The probe head can easily be cleaned after each measurement.

The Frictiometer FR 700 is connectable to the MPA systems (but not the MPA 2) and the MDD device (please see details in Basic Probe Systems).

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