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Mexameter MX 18 - Assessing Melanin Content and Erythema Level

Mexameter MX 18 - Assessing Melanin Content and Erythema Level

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Mexameter® MX 18 

Assessing Melanin Content and Erythema Level

The Mexameter® MX 18 is a very easy, quick and economical tool to measure the two components, mainly responsible for the colour of the skin: melanin and haemoglobin (erythema) by reflectance.

Advantages of the Mexameter®

  • Very quick and easy measurement (1 second for the results: melanin index and erythema index).
  • Continuous measurements over a longer period can optionally be performed.
  • The highly sensitive measurement gives values on a broad scale (0-999) for melanin and erythema so that even smallest changes in colour become traceable.
  • The probe is small and lightweight for easy handling and measurement on all body sites.
  • A spring in the probe head ensures constant pressure on the skin enabling exact, reproducible measurements.
  • The accuracy of the Mexameter® probe can be checked easily anytime.
  • The probe head can easily be cleaned after each measurement.
  • Worldwide established and used in many scientific studies.

The Mexameter® MX 18 is available as a stand-alone device or connectable to the MPA systems or as a wireless probe (please see details in Basic Probe Systems).



Mexameter® - assessing melanin and erythema       Stand-alone Mexameter® MDD    Mexameter® also as wireless probe available


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