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Multi Dermascope MDS 1000 - Measure Skin Hydration, Oil, Elasticity and Pigmentation

Multi Dermascope MDS 1000 - Measure Skin Hydration, Oil, Elasticity and Pigmentation

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Multi Dermascope MDS 1000

 Multifunction Skin Analysis

Measure skin hydrationoilelasticity and pigmentation (to recommend sunscreens). Camera images frozen on its monitor complement the skin consultation.


Advantages of the MDS 1000

  • Attractive design
  • Ideal tool for all who want to do a comprehensive skin analysis without using a computer.
  • Quick and easy measurements combined with impressive close up images.
  • Your customer can easily understand the measurement results directly interpreted on the device.
  • Give out product recommendation for skin care, hair care, sun care, special products and treatments. We recommend to make "skin passports" in which you can fill in the results and the recommended products. Customer loyalty guaranteed!
  • The MDS 1000 is a perfect tool for seasonal promotion actions.
  • Ask for special transportation suitcases (trolley style).


  • What can the device do?

    • Measure skin hydration. The display shows the results: very dry, dry or sufficiently hydrated skin.
    • Assess oil (sebum) content on skin and hair. The display shows the results: low oil, normal and oily.
    • Measure skin’s elastic properties (biological skin age) by suction (ability of the skin to resist/firmness versus its ability to return to the original position). The result is displayed in % and a chart helps to relate the measurement to the person's age.
    • Analyse skin pigmentation and the recommend of the suitable sun protection factor (SPF) for sun exposure.
    skin elasticity measurement - the real skin age   skin hydration measurement, easy and quick anywhere on face and body      sebum measurement within and outside the T-zone    melanin measurement - skin colour

    • Visioscope® AP 35 skin camera with parallel and cross polarized light: parallel polarized light shows the skin surface structure and cross polarized light shows the skin in depth (e.g. pigmentation, blood vessels, etc.). Simply give the camera button a short press to change the illumination. Pressing the button longer freezes the image on the built-in video-monitor to be discussed with the customer. The camera is also suitable to monitor hair and scalp (hair damage, dandruff, etc.).
    Visioscope® camera - skin images in detail               show images of hair and scalp
    take a deeper look into the skin with cross-polarised light         viewing skin structure with parallel-polarised light          
    dandruff and redness on scalp         see wrinkles and pores        redness/sun damage

    • Special foils Sebufix® F 16 and Corneofix® F 20 in convenient dispensers are used with the camera to perform quantitative analysis of sebum production and desquamation (chart interprets the images visible on the monitor). The Sebufix® mounted on the Visioscope® camera shows the sebum production in real time on the monitor.


    special foils Sebufix® and Corneofix®      put Sebufix® on camera    watch sebum gland activity in real time on the monitor   chart to evaluate oiliness   chart to evaluate dryness/scaliness with the camera
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