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Multi Probe Adapter System MPA 6

Multi Probe Adapter System MPA 6

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The Multi Probe Adapter System MPA6 has a built-in Sebumeter® and can connect up to 5 other measurement probes (except Cutometer probe). These probes can be similar or different probes. 

  • MPA6 doesn’t support Cutometer probe.


 The Multi Probe Adapter (MPA) Systems 

The MultiProbe Adapter System® works as an interface between our probes and PC. The data measured by probes is transferred to PC by means of MPA series and thanks to our user friendly and flexible MPA CTplus Software , user can analyze, save and recall the data. All probes can be plugged in to MPA systems (Some limitation applies- see below) and software detects each probe automatically. All types of MPA systems work only with software.

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