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REVIVO BioSystems

ReleGO 4D Skin-on-Chip with Microfluidic Chip REVex

ReleGO 4D Skin-on-Chip with Microfluidic Chip REVex

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REVIVO BioSystems is a biotech skin-on-chip/organ-on-chip company. We have innovated an automated and easy to use 4D skin-on-chip instrument, called ReleGO, coupled with a microfluidic chip device called REVex

key benefits of ReleGO over traditional Franz Diffusion/ vertical-flow through system:
  1. UNIQUE FEATURE: The 4th dimension of having a dynamic blood flow beneath the tissues, and temperature control function at 37 degC recreates an in vivo-like physiological condition for in vitro and ex vivo tests. Your experiments are now running on the most realistic skin model available in the market today. 
  2. Very versatile and flexible: the system is fully compatible with a range of skin types (human explants, commercial reconstructed skin, and synthetic membranes), and media according to your preference
  3. Achieve higher precision and consistency in screening efficacy and permeability of your active ingredients, with 2-3 times lesser standard deviation error
  4. Achieve higher efficiency (manpower and time savings) with its fully automated functions of fraction collection, fluid/ time point control, and temperature control
  5. Run 12 individual skin experiments OR 4X triplicates simultaneously
  6. 5X savings in biomaterials (overall much lesser skin, and media volumes required)
  7. Maintain long term culture & viability of skin explants, and reconstructed skin simulants (up to 21 days and more, X2 longer than traditional methods
  8. Easy to use and of a portable size, suitable for any lab benchtop placement (2-3X smaller than traditional FD set up with 12 cells)


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