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Software MPA CTplus (NEW)

Software MPA CTplus (NEW)

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Sophisticated software for ALL C+K probe family


This new software is a revolutionary step into a modern use of the C+K probe family and offers a variety of new, convenient features. MPA CTplus  software is user friendly software allowing you to measure all skin parameters on one platform. The software can also be used with all MPA series and the stand alone  units(MDD Series). All measurement data can be viewed on screening a number of ways; as curves, as   bars, as a digital readout or as numerical data in a table. All of the methods of viewing the data can be personalized and adjusted easily. It is also possible to view both the standard deviation and average values as separate charts. If the room condition sensor is connected the ambient temperature and humidity are displayed in the bottom right corner of the window, but will also be stored with the measurement data when it is saved.​ 


Main advantages at a glance

  • For the first time Cutometer® and all other C+K probes can be operated in one software easily and conveniently.
  • Software works with any MPA systems and Cutometer® Dual MPA 580 as well as Multi Display Devices (MDD) and supports several devices at the same time.
MPA 6       MPA 10       Cutometer® Dual MPA 580       MPA 2      Multi Display Device MDD

MPA 6                                           MPA 10                         Cutometer® Dual MPA 580                   MPA 2                                     Multi Display Device MDD

  • Convenient, intuitive, modern software, easy to navigate.
  • Perform free measurements anywhere, with any probe in any order or use the study manager to design your study and save as many clicks & as much time as possible.
  • Easy organization of the measurements in sessions and takes.
  • Graphical display of the measurements and numerical result values side by side.
  • When the Ambient Condition Sensor RHT 100 is connected, relative humidity and temperature are constantly recorded and saved with the measurements.
MPACTplus ambient conditions                   MPACTplus connected probes
  • Tags: new, modern way of identifying measurements in the database.
  • All information go into the database, convenient possibility of filtering the data you want to export for statistical analysis with special export assistant.
  • Easy and self-explanatory check calibration function for the probes with report.MPACTplus check calibration  


  • New, exciting additional aging-parameters for the Cutometer®.MPACTplus - new parameter: maximum collagen power
  • Graphic explanation of complex results.
  • Intelligent software displaying messages useful for handling or servicing the probe.

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