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Visiopor PP 34 N - Monitoring Acne Lesions by Skin Fluorescence

Visiopor PP 34 N - Monitoring Acne Lesions by Skin Fluorescence

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Visiopor® PP 34 N 

Monitoring Acne Lesions by Skin Fluorescence

The Visiopor® PP 34 camera uses a specific UV-light to visualize the fluorescing acne lesions of an area of minimum 8 x 6.4 mm. The orange-red fluorescence indicates the presence of Propionibacterium acnes bacteria within clinically non-evident (follicular impactions and microcomedones) and clinically evident lesions (comedones, papules and pustules).


  • What is measured?

    Acne is a common disorder of the pilosebaceous follicles with the multifactorial pathogenesis. It typically begins in adolescence when androgen hormones stimulate the production of sebum and proliferation of follicular epidermis. The openings of hair follicules become clogged with oil secretion and corneocytes. In consequence initially invisible lesions (microcomedones) and then clinically evident comedones develop. Microcomedones and comedones are further colonized by P. acnes bacteria which promote inflamed acne lesions (papules and pustules) through the production of proinflammatory mediators, free fatty acids and porphyrins.


    103    Visiopor hair


    Advantages of the Visiopor®

    • The Visopor® is USB based and can be connected directly to a computer.
    • Non-invasive, easy to use and economiIt comes with an easy to handle evaluation software (distinguishing the reddish-orange porphyrin bacteria from other yellowish-greenish fluorescents in quantity, size and intensity).
    • The colour thresholds to distinguish between porphyrins and other fluorescents can be set manually by the user.
    • All results for the porphyrins and the other fluorescents can be exported into Excel® spreadsheets for statistical evaluation.
    • The camera is also suitable for porphyrin detection on the scalp.
    • Interesting literature has been published with the device.

    Visiopor software


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