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Visioscope PC 35 - A Close Look on Skin & Hair

Visioscope PC 35 - A Close Look on Skin & Hair

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Visioscope PC 35

A Close Look on Skin & Hair

Unique USB skin camera to look at certain skin areas in detail. Switch between parallel and cross polarised light in the camera, simply by pressing a button.

What can the camera do?

The camera takes most impressive images of the skin surface, of hair and scalp and other body parts (e.g. nails, lips etc.). Just connect it to the USB port of your computer.

Press the camera button shortly to switch between a parallel polarised light source, which shows the structure of the skin and a cross polarized light source which shows the deeper levels of the skin (pigmentation, blood vessels, etc.). Press the button longer to freeze the live image on the screen.


Visioscope® camera - skin images in detail  show images of hair and scalp Visioscope® camera in its holder

skin structure visible  deeper look into the skin  sun damage severe redness pores

         skin structure visible             deeper look into the skin                   sun damage                               severe redness                         pores

lines and wrinkles impurities lesion scalp with dandruff beard growing

           lines and wrinkles                            impurities                                               lesion                                          scalp with dandruff             beard growing

very young skin elderly skin dry skin finger nail hair

           very young skin                                 elderly skin                                           dry skin                                        finger nail                                     hair

The camera works with the attractive and sophisticated software Complete Skin Investigation - CSI.


  • It assess the “Big Five” in cosmetic consulting: wrinkles, pores, spots, sebum and desquamation. The software recommend products & treatments accordingly.
pore analysis        mark pigmented spots           lines and wrinkles

  • Special foils Sebufix® SF 16 and Corneofix® CF 20 in convenient dispensers are used with the camera to perform quantitative analysis of sebum production and desquamation (chart interprets the images visible on the monitor). The Sebufix® mounted on the Visioscope® camera shows the sebum production in real time on the monitor.
put Sebufix® on camerawatch sebum gland activity in real time on the monitorSebufix® analysisCorneofix® - View desquamation/scaliness with the Visioscope®Corneofix® - scaliness/desquamation analysis

  • Camera supported questions in Hair Care Recommendation allow the use of your customer's hair & scalp images for comparison.
camera supported questions about hair and scalp   hair thickness evaluation

  • The camera can also be operated with the new software Dermacheck 3000, especially suitable for the aesthetic practice and the institutes to save skin images and to do dermatoscopy. The software is modular and license based.
Software Dermacheck 3000document lesions over time
collect interesting images of different skin sites

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